Restaurant Lucijan

With its open-air ground terrace at the edge of the iconic Gundulić Square, Restaurant Lucijan radiates the unmistakable Mediterranean charm and atmosphere. Named after Dubrovnik senator Nikola Lucijan Pucić, whose wife countess Elena Pucić Sorkočević was the first female Croatian music composer, Restaurant Lucijan is the heir to a long history of Dubrovnik’s own brand of hospitality. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is the spot to embark on a culinary journey with a menu of locally sourced favorites.

Savor your first coffee caressed by early sun rays, surrounded by authentic sights, scents, and sounds of bustling Dubrovnik morning.

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Gundulić Square, the only open square in the entire Old City Dubrovnik. As the sun rises above the rooftops and palaces, the picturesque square becomes the farmer’s market whose booths offer fresh local produce from the farms in the fertile Konavle Valley and Pelješac Peninsula. Overlooked by the statue of Ivan Gundulić, the greatest Dubrovnik writer of all time, this vibrant square is the beating heart of the city.


An immersive and delightful background for your fantastic a la carte breakfast, which will be prepared with any ingredients and in any way you desire.

The restaurant’s stylish indoor seating chambers, whose ceiling is adorned with the Pucić Family coats of arms, are a perfect place for your lunch or dinner.

Drawing from the inexhaustible source of local culinary tradition, our chefs serve a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine, an inspiring blend of Dalmatian dishes and historical culinary influences based on exclusively fresh, seasonal, and high-quality local ingredients.


Entrees include a plate of a superb selection of Croatian cheese or prosciutto, delicious Dalmatian cured meat. The menu’s highlights feature a wide variety of Adriatic seafood dishes, from fish to octopus, from scallops to scampi, and more. Whether you choose turbot or beef fillet, it will be accompanied by the local greens, cooked to perfection, or served raw, drizzled with the highest quality local olive oil. Finish your Lucijan feast with the finest desserts, like the famous Dubrovnik rožata. Accompanying the food is our selection of world-awarded Croatian wines. Combined, the menu and setting of Restaurant Lucijan are bound to offer an unforgettable Dubrovnik culinary experience.