About The Pucić Palace

Set in the very heart of Dubrovnik Old Town, The Pucić Palace is an immersive blend of classical beauty and modern luxury, an epitome of the city it proudly calls home. This harmonious baroque palace is imbued with history and artwork, offering an experience akin to an art trilogy where past, present, and future unfold and interweave, with elegance and style.

The Tale of Pucić Family and its Love of Art

The journey of Pucić Palace began in the 17th century. Built as an opulent urban palace, this grand building was home to the aristocratic Pucić family, known also as Pozze or Poce, whose members left an indelible mark on the city. First mentioned in the 13th century archives, Pucić family became one of the most prestigious families in the city. Its members were politicians, academics, ecclesiastics, orators, translators, artists, poets, and writers. 


Back in the 15th century, poet Karlo Pavlov Poce published Dubrovnik’s first printed collection of poetry. The Pucić Family frequently sponsored art, most notably Vlaho Bukovac, one of the greatest Croatian modern painters, who was a protegee of by Medo Pucić.

Daydreams, Vlaho Bukovac, 1905
Old postcard of Gundulić Square

Palace That Embodies Dubrovnik History and Charm

Pucić Palace was affected by the great earthquake of 1667, which split the original palace into two parts. A silent witness to this event, a small bridge arching the small alley is still connecting two parts of the palace, seemingly bridging two historical periods that are separated by this natural catastrophe that altered the course of Dubrovnik’s history. In the place of demolished buildings, Gundulić Square was constructed. Adorned by the statue of Dubrovnik’s greatest writer Ivan Gundulić, this square became and to this day remained the city’s central marketplace. In the late 19th century another owner bought Pucić Palace and in 1895 turned it into a Hotel De La Ville.

During the second half of the 20th century, the hotel again changed its name to Dubravka. Weathering the changes of owners and states, two world wars and damages in the 1990s Homeland War, the hotel was eventually restored to showcase much of its original artistic and architectural legacy. Following the adaptation according to the strict UNESCO guidelines, using traditional construction methods and materials, this magnificent building was reborn in its original grandeur, opening its door in 2002 as The Pucić Palace.

Modern Amenities Meet Mediterranean Baroque Luxury

Pucić Palace is a 5-stars hotel that unifies features of heritage, boutique, and historic hotel, a true embodiment of a city that became a UNESCO Heritage Site back in 1979. Often described as living museum, yet offering state-of-the-art amenities, Pucić Palace is synonymous with the lasting splendor of Dubrovnik.

Immerse yourself in rich history and the authentic feel of this singular hotel, where space and room have its own distinct design, showcasing artwork and antiques. Enjoy the contemporary amenities in rooms with their hand made tile mosaics and hand-woven carpets laid over magnificent olive wood floors. Walk the vaulted Baroque marble staircases under the dramatically illumined original structural beams, luxuriating in an ambient that is both exclusive and intimate.

Beyond the experience of mere accommodation, Pucić Palace is a warm crescendo of inclusive services that leave nothing to be desired, creating a unique hotel experience that seamlessly blends with the unique Mediterranean gem that is Dubrovnik.